Exploring Historic Sites in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD is a city with a rich history and culture. From the iconic Star-Spangled Banner to the Benjamin Banneker's letters and diaries, there is much to explore in this vibrant city. From free admission museums and monuments to festivals and concerts, there are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. The Walters Art Museum is one of the best history museums in Baltimore.

It houses artifacts such as Francis Scott Key's original manuscript for the US anthem and Benjamin Banneker's letters and diaries. The Baltimore Museum of Industry is another great place to visit, showcasing the tangible results of workers' efforts to make Baltimore a major manufacturing center. The Museum of American Visionary Art is a great place to explore Baltimore's culture and history. It features bold and suggestive art installations that will inspire visitors of all ages.

The Railroad Museum B&O is also worth visiting, located on the site of the historic Mount Clare station. The Patuxent River Naval Aeronautical Museum in Lexington Park is a great place to learn about the naval history of the Chesapeake Bay region. The Francis Scott Key Bridge, which crosses the Potomac River, is also an important historic site. The Battle of Monocacy, which took place just south of Frederick, MD in 1864, is considered one of the most important historic sites in Maryland.

Tourists can also visit the historic military ships of the Port of Baltimore and learn about life at sea for 18th-century sailors and soldiers. The Baltimore Museum of Art, with its fun and interactive exhibits, encourages a love of science in children of all ages. The trail includes a variety of historic sites and landmarks, including battle fields, camps, and museums. The African-American History Museum, with its permanent and rotating materials on display, is another great place to explore African-American history in Maryland. From museums and monuments with free admission to festivals and concerts for the whole family, there are tons of free things to do in Baltimore.

With so many fascinating historic sites to explore, visitors are sure to find something they love in this vibrant city.

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