Exploring the Oldest Post Offices in Baltimore, MD

The city of Baltimore, MD is home to some of the oldest post offices in the United States. The first post office in Baltimore was established in 1870 at the toll booth located at Gilmore Lane and York Road, now known as Vineyard Lane and Greenmount Avenue. At the same time, the city hall was located on Waverly Avenue and York Road, now 31st Street and Greenmount Avenue. Nearby, Charles Hamilton had greenhouses and flower gardens that he advertised in the Maryland directory of 1880 alongside his Waverly Hotel. The 1930s post office building is now an Ace hardware store, but the engraving of “Baltimore Post Office, Waverly Station” remains visible.

This post office was established around the time of The Belt Annexation, when Waverly was one of many towns that were annexed by the city of Baltimore from Baltimore County. In fact, one of the wagons used for postal services in the 1870s is on display in the circular room of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum. The National Postal Museum also has an account of an emergency landing in Baltimore by Merrill K. during this time period. This event further highlights the importance of post offices in Baltimore during this era. Today, post offices are still a vital part of life in Baltimore.

They provide essential services to residents and businesses alike. From mail delivery to passport services, post offices are a cornerstone of the community. If you’re interested in exploring some of the oldest post offices in Baltimore, MD, there are plenty of options to choose from. From historic buildings to modern facilities, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a piece of history or just want to take advantage of all that post offices have to offer, you’ll find it in Baltimore.

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