Exploring Historic Sites After Hours

Are you looking for a unique way to explore historic sites? Disney After Hours is a special event offered on select dates at Magic Kingdom that can be worth it for many people. It's an after-work social experience that invites Washingtonians to think of art as part of their lives, as natural as going to happy hour or meeting friends to catch up over dinner. Visitors can explore the exhibits and discover beer-related items from the museum's collection that are rarely seen, such as old faucet handles and a colorimeter, a 19th-century brewery device that showed if a beer had the right tone. You can also learn something about Lou Stovall's museum workshop and come back another day to continue admiring modern art.

McCulla also plans to show some of the latest acquisitions, which “preserve the history of breweries and their experiences during the pandemic, and their responses to things like the Black Lives Matter movement.”So if you're looking for a unique way to explore historic sites, consider attending one of these after-hours events. You'll have a great time while learning something new about art and history.

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