Exploring the Oldest Courthouses in Baltimore, MD

The city of Baltimore, MD is home to some of the oldest courthouses in the United States. The Towsontown Courthouse was established in 1854 and is located in the old square of the Palace of Justice, now in the center of the city. The two main historical structures of the judicial system of the state of Maryland in the city of Baltimore are the Clarence M. Baltimore Court of Common Appeals and the Superior Court of the City of Baltimore, both established in 1851. The Baltimore City Criminal Court, Baltimore City Circuit Court, Baltimore Municipal Court, and Baltimore City Circuit Court No.

4 were all established between 1851 and 1880. The Circuit Court is the court of first instance with general jurisdiction for the main cases of civil, serious criminal, juvenile and family law. It is the only court in the county that conducts jury trials. Conaway, Clerk of Court of the BALTIMORE City Circuit Court, can be contacted at 111 North Calvert Street, Room 412, Baltimore, Maryland 21202 or by phone at (4) 333-3733. The city of Baltimore has a long history with its courthouses and they remain an important part of its legal system today. Whether you are looking for a place to file a lawsuit or just want to explore some of America's oldest courthouses, Baltimore is a great place to start.

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